Adtalem Global Education Inc.

Who is Adtalem Global Education Inc?

Adtalem Global Education provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs in medical, healthcare and general studies. In addition, the company offers a number of other services such as conferences, test preparation and subscriptions to business professionals in various areas including anti-money laundering.

Why does PruFund Planet invest in Adtalem Global Education Inc?

There is currently a nursing shortage in the US which only looks to get worse given the ageing population, ageing workforce and broadened access to public healthcare.  Adtalem has managed to transform into a healthcare-focused workforce provider, well positioned to benefit from the increased demand. Its exposure to online and nursing education provides underserved students with unparalleled access to education that will have a positive impact on the society and the individuals themselves.

Making a difference in diversity

Adtalem has high female representation on their board (44%), at total workforce level (79%) and is above the industry. The company is working towards improving diversity across its workforce as well as its students. 50% of its senior leadership positions are held by people from minority groups. 

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