Who is Brambles?

Brambles is one of the world’s most sustainable logistics businesses. The Australian-listed company is part of the backbone of global supply chains, operating across more than 60 countries. Brambles leases out its reusable pallets, containers and crates for companies to transport their goods, transferring them from customer to customer after use.

Why does PruFund Planet invest in Brambles?

Brambles boasts the world’s largest pool of reusable pallets, containers and crates, and is a market leader in several regions. The scale and density of its global network of hubs and delivery points means Brambles can service its customers efficiently and flexibly, while benefitting from economies of scale. Its circular, share and re-use business model puts Brambles in a stronger position than single-use competitors to meet demand from businesses to reduce the carbon footprints of their supply chains.

Making a difference

Brambles is enabling the transition towards a more circular economy. The re-use of pallets, containers and crates saves waste and natural resources including wood and water, compared to disposable single-use alternatives. The efficiency of the company’s extensive logistics network also reduces the carbon-intensity of logistics.

By enabling its customers to move goods around the world in a more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way, Brambles contributes to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 – moving towards sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

2.4m tonnes = Carbon dioxide emissions avoided throughout global supply chains by sharing and reusing Brambles’ pallets, containers and crates in 2020.

3,160 megalitres  = Amount of water saved through sharing and reusing Brambles pallets and reusable pallets, containers and crates in 2020

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