Aligning our people behind our sustainability ambition

6 min read 7 May 21

Our sustainability plan is ambitious, and we need the active help, support and engagement of all 6,000 plus M&G colleagues to deliver it successfully. We’re doing this by helping our people to understand:

  • what sustainability means to us, and why it is so important for the long-term success of our business and fulfilling our purpose.
  • what are our sustainability priorities and targets – what we think are most important and most urgent to tackle, and how we are approaching these.
  • the role that each individual has to play in embedding sustainability into everything we do.
  • how environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities may affect their role, so they are able to adapt their work accordingly.
  • what sustainable investing means for our customers and their financial futures.

Our colleagues are on the journey with us to help build a more sustainable and positive future. And with their passion and enthusiasm they too are making changes in and out of the workplace.  Across our international locations our employees are embracing a movement of being a carbon hero, where no action is too small.

This is part of our work to create a strong, cohesive culture which fosters the right behaviours and encourages all our people to feel a sense of belonging at M&G plc.

Here you can meet some of our Carbon Zero Heros. Employees from around the globe who share some of the things they are doing individually to make a difference to our planet.