M&G: Helping families and young people to thrive worldwide

3 min read 7 May 21

We’ve partnered up with global charity SOS Children’s Villages, who helps to prevent family breakdown across the world. We’ll be supporting their work and helping to fund their projects.

SOS Children’s Villages supports families in crisis across 136 countries and territories

SOS Children’s Villages focuses on protecting children who have lost parental care or are in danger of losing it. SOS takes its name from the more than 570 village communities it has built and run across all five continents – giving safe homes and a family-like environment to children most in need.

The charity’s work and values make them a perfect partner for us at M&G.  We’ve known from the start that we don’t only want to help our customers invest for the future – we also want to help make our world a little better.

With our support, SOS Children’s Villages aims to help 363,000 young people and parents over the next three years.

Our M&G staff will be volunteering with them too – mentoring young people in South Africa and India. Our volunteers will speak by video link to 16-25 year olds, giving them advice on education, careers and development.

Our M&G staff will be volunteering as mentors for young people

For children approaching adulthood, SOS Children’s Villages offers mentoring and employment training through the YouthLinks platform. They aim to help make sure these young people’s difficult family situations don’t leave them at a disadvantage when they take to the world of work.

Mentoring through YouthLinks is a very successful programme:

  • 92% of mentees say it notably increased their self-esteem
  • 89% better understand which of their skills are important for their career
  • 86% say they now know how to set their goals and how to achieve them

At M&G, we have successful professionals in many fields, from investment banking to IT to public speaking. And our people come from countless different places around the world, with endlessly diverse backgrounds. We have no shortage of wisdom to give to the next generation.

Our staff will be using the YouthLinks platform to create ongoing mentoring relationships with young people from South Africa and India. SOS Children’s Villages will match these 16-25year olds to the M&G plc volunteers who they think will be best suited to helping them start their career paths.

Funding and mentoring is just the beginning

Our goals are: breaking barriers, building futures, and supporting inclusive and resilient communities. Economic empowerment is a key part of our mission.

Having seen the great work SOS Children’s Villages is doing all over the world, lots of our people are eager to do even more. We want to meet in person with other volunteers and speak face-to-face with the young people we’re mentoring in South Africa and India. But the Covid-19 pandemic has meant we have to put these plans on hold until it’s safe to resume them.

Organisations like SOS Children’s Villages are facing extremely challenging times. The struggles faced by the families they help have only been made worse by the pandemic. And international travel has become extremely difficult.

We’re happy to know that our funding and support is coming to them at a time when they need it most. And they know we’re in this partnership for the long term. Today it’s mentoring and funding. But we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us in the coming years.