Accessing your pension savings

There are a number of ways to access money from your pension and each has its own benefits. Speak to one of our financial advisers to find out which is best for you.

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Getting the right advice and support for you

Every year, we help many clients access their pension money. It sounds simple, but there are several ways to take your money, each with their own benefit and we’ll look at what’s best for you. We’ll take into consideration a number of factors including:

  • Tax-free cash – help you access your 25% tax-free money in the best way for you

  • Meeting your needs – taking an income that pays the bills but also leaves money for the fun stuff

  • Tax-efficient – there are ways of taking your money that reduces the amount of tax you need to pay – so you keep more of your money for yourself

  • Making it last – pensions are normally an important part of your retirement income, so we’ll advise on how to make it last for as long as you need it to

  • Leaving money to your loved ones – if you want to leave money behind then we’ll look at the best way of doing that


Help accessing your pension savings

Accessing your pension sounds easy, but there are many things to be aware of. Our advisers can help in a number of ways to help you get the most from your pension:

An expert review

Knowing what to do with your pension isn’t easy. Our financial advisers are experts in this area and can let you know what to do in a straightforward way.

Peace of mind

Speaking to one of our financial advisers will give you comfort that an expert has reviewed your finances and recommended what’s best for you.

Plan creation

We'll create a financial plan that's tailored to your specific circumstances and your future goals.

Where to invest

We'll recommend the fund that is most suited to meeting your needs now and in the future

We'll do the hard work

We’ll create a plan, complete all the paperwork and set everything up for you. 

Keep on track

If appropriate, we'll regularly review your pension and make any changes to keep it on track.

As with all investments, the value can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you put in. We provide our customers with financial advice using a carefully selected range of products from Prudential and other providers. This is known as restricted advice.

Common questions you might have

  • How can I make my money last as long as I need it to? 

  • How much can I take tax-free?

  • How much tax will I pay on the rest? 

  • Can I leave money to my loved ones?

  • Is my pension invested in the right funds?

  • Could my health and lifestyle affect the amount I get? 


Our promise to you

Your first meeting won't cost you a penny

Guarantee to provide you with a personal recommendation, at no cost*

We won't put pressure on you to take our advice recommendation

*charge only be payable if you choose to proceed with our recommendation

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