Model Portfolio Services Q4 update

1 min read 11 Oct 22

Date: Tuesday 11th October

Time: 2pm

Session outline:

The session will cover the three model portfolio service ranges offered by M&G Wealth Investments, which are passive, hybrid and Global ESG themes range. We’ll explain the differences between the ranges, and how the portfolios are managed. We’ll talk through our investment process, which consists of building the strategic asset allocation, selecting funds, setting tactical views, constructing portfolios and evaluating risk. 

Next, we’ll cover the strategic asset allocation, as this is the key driver of long-term returns. The event will show how the asset allocation differs for a client invested in PruFund versus the model portfolio service.

We’ll then talk about two key investment views the strategic asset allocations for the model portfolio services; we hold more in Asian equities and emerging market bonds relative to most of our peers.

The presenters will be:

  • Sean Hawkins, Head of MPS Business Development
  • Shanti Kelemen, M&G Wealth Chief Investment Officer
  • Carl Vine – CO-Head APAC Equity, M&G Investments Portfolio Manager for the M&G Asia Fund and M&G Japan Fund

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