Watch: ad+ financial's Matthew Denne on what it's like working with us

4 min read 27 Jul 21

Taking time to understand your business

What’s it like working with our Business Development Managers? We spoke Matthew Denne, an adviser from ad+ financial, to find out…

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A central, reliable, point of contact

The platform itself is like a lot of other platforms that are out there, they're somewhat interchangeable, and therefore differentiating between them can be quite difficult, whether it be on costs, features, functionality, etc. But dealing with the BDM for this platform does make it unique, and a point of difference in making it quite attractive. The thing I've always liked about working with the BDM for this platform is that they take the time to get to know your business, the type of clients you work with, what it is you're trying to achieve, not just from a client perspective, but also from a business point of view, too, because we want a sustainable relationship that isn't just there in the short term, but something that can last the test of time. In that respect, working with our BDM means they spend time, effort and energy in going through things in a comprehensive and holistic fashion so that we have a system and process in place and, most importantly, a relationship that's able to deal with the inevitable challenges that arise in financial services, whether it be external market conditions, client concerns and fears or technology issues themselves. And what this also means is that I know I've got a central, reliable and trustworthy point of contact who is able to guide me through the ups and downs, and the vagaries of the type of work we do on behalf of our clients.

Sharing best practice

Some examples of working with our BDM for the platform come from the fact that we've lived through some incredibly unique times, particularly over the last 12 to 15 months, as we've all faced the challenges presented by the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. In the ordinary course of business, we spend a lot of time with our fellow professionals, finding out what's best practice and how we can apply certain nuances that they may use in their businesses, to our own office. Having our BDM there as a central point during the pandemic has meant that they're able to feedback what 'good' looks like, so that we can replicate where appropriate, but also share what we do ourselves that may be of advantage to other businesses too. But one thing we've always been acutely aware of, and the BDM for the platform shares this outlook too, is that we're not here to compete against one another as such, but able to feed off what works well for people and how they can apply it to their own set of circumstances. I find that incredibly refreshing in a profession where unfortunately, at times, there's a degree of sniping egos at play. These past 12 to 15 months are a perfect anecdote of the power that the BDM has brought, not just to our relationship, but our relationship with other firms out there, as well. And in this respect, the other thing that the BDM has been able to provide us is a positive point of comparison to other platforms that are in the market. And they don't go about this in a disparaging or negative fashion - instead they focus on how it is that their platform might be of benefit to what we're trying to do for our clients. And again, this often stems from what other practices are doing, again, reinforcing this concept of sharing best practice so that we can all reap the mutual benefits.

Intrinsic trust

Both of these examples I feel have demonstrated a clear want and desire to build up more intrinsic trust. And I feel now that the BDM with this particular platform understands our business just as well as ourselves, as well as what's happening in the marketplace, and therefore the way forward looks incredibly bright.

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