M&G Wealth Platform “Speak Out” Whistleblowing Statement

M&G Wealth Platform is a trading name of Investment Funds Direct Limited (IFDL), which is a subsidiary of M&G plc.

M&G’s vision is to become the best-loved and most successful savings and investments business, built on core values of care and integrity.

Our values and behaviours require all employees to conduct themselves with the highest professional and ethical standards. M&G promotes and values a culture of care, integrity, openness, honesty and accountability.

We encourage reporting of suspected or actual instances of wrongdoing, misconduct or unethical behaviour, which may be related to breaches of laws, rules, and regulations, or M&G’s Code of Conduct.

All reports are taken seriously and handled in accordance with the Speak Out programme, with qualifying reports being independently and confidentially investigated, and all investigations being governed by the Speak Out programme. Reports can be made anonymously where permitted under local law and retaliation is strictly prohibited against anyone making a report in good faith.

Reporting Concerns

Any concerns or suspicions relating to inappropriate conduct and wrongdoing (that have occurred, are ongoing, or are likely to occur) can be reported, in confidence, to

  • the Whistleblowing Operations Manager at mandgspeakout@mandg.com
  • via the secure telephone or online reporting service EthicsPoint
  • or by mail to The Whistleblowing Operations Manager, M&G plc Head Office, 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London, EC3M 5AG

All information is held securely and your confidentiality will be protected in line with our policies and procedures as well as the local law (where applicable). Further information on how personal data is processed is available via the EthicsPoint service, or when reporting via email the Privacy Policy available here.