Bulletin - September 2021

1 min read 15 Sep 21

Defined Benefit Pension transfers and client outcomes

You will no doubt already have your own processes monitoring and focused on doing the right thing for your customers for any defined benefit pension transfers you’re involved in. However, we wanted to share with you a reminder of the information from the FCA on your obligations in this area.

Our SIPP is aimed at medium to long term investment and we offer a wide range of assets with different risk profiles which should always be considered when reviewing suitability of investments for your clients – particularly where they may give up a guarantee like a defined benefit pension.

Lastly, our cash interest rates on the platform are currently very low and also need to be considered when transferring into cash.

August 2021

Our updated new firm/new individual user application form, the change we've made to how we communicate corporate action events, and the Third Party Product payment request process. 

August Bulletin