Bulletin - November 2022

3 min read 7 Nov 22

Sell & withdrawal functionality in place to get your clients' money to them quickly and more easily 

You can now action a sale and complete any linked withdrawals as part of a single, straight through online process. Seamless and secure, your clients can get their money sooner and you have no need to contact the client services team or wait for the sale to settle before making the withdrawal request.

Transfers out are now automated too meaning faster payments to your clients and time saved for you.

To find out more log in to the platform and visit the Training hub for a refresh – details are in the Fees, Charges & Withdrawals Guide.


How your clients receive information from us

From time to time we need to send items, such as statements, to your clients. We upload correspondence to the platform, where clients can access it securely, all in one place, and at a time that’s convenient for them.

We’ve recently enabled an automatic notification system. It will email clients with online contact preference to let them know when they have new correspondence to view on the platform. This may mean that clients receive a few more emails from us. This is nothing to worry about; these emails are genuine, secure and aim to keep them informed about their accounts.

For clients who have specified that they’d like to receive paper communications, we will continue to send items by post as usual.


Don’t leave online applications pending

We’re making some improvements to the digital pension set up process soon. To prepare for this, we’ll ask you to make sure that all pension applications are submitted and not left in a pending state in the online system. 

For now, we recommend checking the status of your online applications and submitting the ones you can.