Bulletin - March 2022

2 min read 11 Mar 22

5 Star Defaqto rating

The M&G Wealth Platform has achieved a 5 Star rating by independent ratings service, Defaqto.

M&G plc full year 2021 results 

The full year 2021 results for M&G plc are now available. Take a look at the press release for more information. 

Tax Year End deadlines

It's not long until the end of the tax year. To help things go smoothly, check out all the key dates and practical tips, and see what technical support is available.

How to check unused ISA allowances

Wondering how to check how much unused ISA allowance your clients have left? 

To check for an individual client:

  1. Go to your client’s Account Details Card
  2. Click on the Account Specific Details tab
  3. It’ll show their ISA declaration status and how much allowance is available to use this tax year

To check for all your clients:

  1. Go to the Reporting Hub
  2. Download the ‘available ISA/JISA subscription report’
  3. It’ll show you how much allowance each client has left available for this tax year