UK Select

The strategy applies M&G’s well-established recovery investing philosophy, an approach that has been practised at M&G for over 50 years.

The strategy aims to provide a combination of capital growth and income that is higher than the FTSE All-Share Index over any five-year period.

The strategy identifies businesses of the future rather than legacies of the past. The fund aims to be a portfolio of investments capable of harnessing the power of compounding to grow economic value over the long term. We believe that to achieve this, companies must demonstrate a virtuous circle of high returns, robust economic moats, favourable exposure to sustainable growth themes and disciplined capital allocation. By adopting a 5+ year investment view we take advantage of instances where the market misprices and under-appreciates this potential.

At least 80% of the portfolio is invested in the shares of companies that are based, or do most of their business, in the UK.

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