Fixed income

Optimal income

This unconstrained global bond strategy takes a flexible and dynamic approach to investment across public fixed income markets, including government bonds, investment grade, high yield and structured credit.

We seek to outperform the core bond sectors throughout economic cycles by identifying the most attractive, risk-adjusted sources of income and opportunities for capital growth

The strategy takes a top-down approach to actively managing duration and credit risk, combined with bottom-up security selection. Investments are selected based on analysis and assessment of a combination of macroeconomic, asset, sector and security-level factors. The strategy can consider equities, should the fund manager believe the income stream from holding a company’s shares will be greater than its debt. Spreading investments across issuers and industries is an essential element of the strategy.

Optimal Income is one of the largest global bond strategies in Europe and has been managed since inception in 2006 by fund manager Richard Woolnough.

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