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2023 Mid-Year Investment Perspectives

Stubborn inflation, further interest rate hikes, bank collapses: the financial markets have withstood the headwinds surprisingly well so far this year. What will happen in the second half of 2023?

Global experts in fixed income

Recognised as one of Europe’s leading fixed income investors with one of the largest credit research teams in the industry, we have a long history of actively investing across both public and private markets.

Experts in managing credit

Our credit analyst research team is one of the largest and most experienced in Europe. We utilise strong fundamental research capabilities through a diverse, large and well-resourced team.

Investment topics in detail

A unique perspective on investing in Japan

A market that is on the edge of a new era in the wake of corporate reforms and the unleashing of shareholder value.

Essential infrastructure for the modern world

Ready for progress - The M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund exploits infrastructure opportunities that are the foundation of our modern lives.

Invest in the companies building for tomorrow

We only invest in companies that benefit from the effects of the four investment themes, and remain committed to our leitmotif: themes rooted in reality," Alex Araujo, Fund Manager

Value Strategies: Renaissance of undervalued Equities

Undervalued, low-demand equities with strong balance sheets often have hidden potential.

Impact Investing at M&G

How are we helping to address society’s greatest challenges?

Investing aligned to the Paris Climate Agreement

Our Planet. Your Future. Discover our funds that invest in line with the Paris Climate Agreement