M&G (Lux) Positive Impact Fund

A financial future built to make a positive impact.

Promoting positive futures

At M&G, we believe an inclusive and focused approach has the potential to deliver positive impact and financial returns. Part of our range of Planet+ funds, the M&G Positive Impact fund identifies sustainable companies that seem to make the world a better place.

3 key reasons to invest

Our impact areas

"I believe that not only is impact investing the purest and most honest end point for purposeful investors, but I also believe it has the potential to provide superior investment returns - when executed with care."

John William Olsen, Fund Manager

Examples of companies we invest in


A pioneer in improving access to education.

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A leader in advancing social inclusion.

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Enabling the transition towards a circular economy.

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A pioneer in improving health and saving lives

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Schneider Electric

A leader in environmental solutions 

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 Innovative technology enables climate action

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Introduction to the fund