Multi Asset

Who are we?

As founders of our distinctive ‘Episode’ investment process, which we have applied consistently for over 20 years, we believe we are well-positioned to select attractive investment opportunities globally.

What do we do?

We believe asset allocation is the primary driver of investment returns. We therefore aim to help clients achieve optimal asset allocation throughout the market cycle using a dynamic approach. We apply behavioural finance theory to respond to market ‘Episodes’ – periods when asset prices are overly influenced by investors’ emotional behaviour rather than long-term fundamental drivers of returns – to deliver solutions for diversified growth, income, capital preservation and sustainability focused.

How do we deliver?

We combine in-depth research to determine the relative value of assets over the medium to long term, with analysis of investors’ emotional reaction to events to identify investment opportunities.

While each manager is responsible for their own portfolio, as a team we continually share, test and access investment ideas.

We offer clients…

  • A robust and repeatable valuation analysis process, which uses economic theory, historical information and market surveys to identify assets that are over- or under- valued
  • Highly flexible investment mandates designed to respond at speed and scale to changing market dynamics
  • The construction of portfolios designed to provide effective diversification through market cycles


Diversified growth

Asset allocation strategies targeting total return


Growing income and capital over market cycles

Capital preservation

Highly flexible strategies designed to protect capital in changing market environments

Sustainability focused

Seeking to provide a combination of capital growth and income while considering environmental, social and governance factors 


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