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Our Policy

Prudential is committed to providing a website that is accessible for all our customers. We are currently working hard to make our site more accessible to all user groups and have invested in consultancy with a specialist company to understand how best to do this.

We have implemented the following accessibility features on this website to make it easier to use for people with disabilities.

Access Keys

We've introduced access keys so that you can navigate this website using the keyboard only. These follow government recommendations for access key assignments. To use the access keys please press alt + relevant letter/number key and then press enter. For example, to access the home page you would press alt + 1 and then press enter.

Access keys
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PDF Documents

To read PDF documents you will need Adobe reader software. Download Adobe reader here.

All our PDFs are currently made using Adobe 5 software. We are currently looking to upgrade this software so that our PDFs have more accessibility features. In the meantime, please use the accessibility tools provided by Adobe to help you read PDF content. To find out more about these tools, please see Adobe Accessibility tools


We have tried to use meaningful terms for link names instead of the term 'click here' so you know where a link will take you when using assistive technologies, without the need to click on it.


All images contain alternative text tags which describe the content of the image for those using assistive technologies.


Javascripts are small programmes built into web pages to add extra features such as form validation and is used in certain areas of the site, especially the secure areas. Most browsers support JavaScript, however if yours does not, you will not be able to access certain interactive areas of the site or some online tools such as calculators.