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Update on Bonus Declaration and EGR

2 min read 27 Feb 24

An update on the annual bonus declaration for our PAC With-Profits Funds and the quarterly Expected Growth Rates update for our PruFund Range of Funds.


PAC With-Profits Funds - 2024 Bonus Declaration

The investment return of the PAC With-Profits Fund in 2023, before charges and the effects of smoothing.

2023 Investment Return (%)







International Prudence Bond & Prudential International Investment Bond customers will see their plan value change over the 12 months to 1 March 2024 by between 0.73% and 9.71%, depending on the fund and the duration of the investment.

For more information please see our Bonus rate flyer. Past performance isn't a guide to future performance. The value of investments can go down as well as up. So, investors may get back less than they put in.


PruFund Range of Funds - Expected Growth Rates Update

We've streamlined the content on the back of your feedback and given focus to the areas important to you.



Our PruFund range of funds also uses an established smoothing formula. It comprises of two elements:

  • Expected Growth Rates, applied on a day to day basis, and

  • Unit price adjustments

The Expected Growth Rates for these funds have just been updated for the next quarter.

To find out more about the PruFund Range of Funds, the With-Profits Funds or our International Prudence Bond, use the links to navigate to these areas.

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