Fraud prevention and online safety

Protecting your investment and your personal information from fraud is a top priority at M&G. It’s also important to understand how to protect yourself.

We’ve put together some straightforward guidance on basic security measures to help you do just that.

And don’t forget to check our fraud alerts for information on the latest known threats to M&G and our customers.

Identity theft

Identity theft is a widespread crime where fraudsters use someone else’s personal information to impersonate them for financial gain.

Victims are often only alerted when they receive a demand for payment, are unexpectedly refused for credit, or when they try and make a withdrawal from a bank account that has already been emptied.

To reduce the risks of becoming a victim, it is important to take steps to keep your information secure.

Find out how to protect your information and financial assets.

How to protect yourself online

The internet is now an integral part of our lives and it is important to understand how to stay safe whilst using it.

The foundation of online safety is knowing how to protect your PC and your personal data from fraudulent scams and online threats. By understanding the risks and following a set of simple security steps, you can help protect yourself in most situations.

Other useful websites

View comprehensive fraud and online security guidance from the police, government agencies, fraud steering groups and advisory panels.

Contact us

If you’re concerned about the security of your M&G account information, or have received an email claiming to be from us that you believe is not genuine, contact us right away.

Common online threats

Keep up to date with the main online threats and how to avoid them in order to help protect you and your information from unwanted intrusion.

Boiler room and share scams

You could be at risk from fraudsters who prey on individuals interested in investments. It’s vital to know what to look out for and what to do if you are targeted.

Other fraudulent scams

To help you identify fact from fiction, learn the typical techniques fraudsters use to convince unsuspecting victims into divulging personal information.

How to check an email is genuine

It is important to verify who has contacted you and whether they are genuine, especially with the expanding use of corporate websites, internet based companies, and private email accounts. These tips will also help you check whether an email claiming to be from M&G is genuine.