Verifying customers' identity

As a regulated financial services company, M&G is responsible for verifying the identity of all new customers.

There are also situations where we will need to verify the identity of existing customers. We may do this if you were a customer before identity checks became law and you have made a recent transaction that has prompted this requirement.

The fight against money laundering and other financial crime

Providing proof of your identity helps prevent financial crime such as money laundering, terrorist financing, and identity fraud; especially from criminals accessing the financial system using the stolen identities of innocent people. Therefore this protects you as well as M&G.

The documentation you need to provide

The following lists will help you to decide which documents you’ll need to send us to verify your identity:

Private customers including attorneys

Corporate customers including partnerships and sole traders

Charity customers including trusts and places of religious worship

We do not want to stop people using the financial system for legitimate purposes so if you can’t provide the documents listed or have any further questions, contact us.

Verifying your identity

Find out more about how and why we need to verify your identity with our Verifying your identity guide

Verifying your identity