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Impact investing

Impact investing strategies aim to invest in solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, from climate change to social inequality. These investments should deliver intentional, measurable positive impacts, while also looking to generate a financial return.

At M&G Investments, our public equity impact strategies invest in companies providing solutions across six key environmental and social impact areas. These are Climate action, Environmental solutions, Circular economy, Better health, Saving lives, Better work and education, and Social inclusion.

Our private asset impact investing strategies target positive social and environmental outcomes by investing in impactful private equity, credit and real assets. Through the responsAbility business, we also manage a range of strategies focusing on climate finance, financial inclusion and sustainable food, specifically directing investment into areas where capital is scarce, often in emerging markets.

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Sustainable investing

Our sustainable investing strategies seek to mitigate negative impacts on the environment and society and will allocate towards investments that are expected to make a positive contribution to environmental and social objectives.

They do this by investing in a variety of public and private asset classes, including equities, fixed income, multi-asset and real assets. One of our private asset sustainable investment strategies is M&G Catalyst, which allocates up to £5 billion of capital towards innovative, privately-owned businesses working to create a more sustainable world.

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ESG Enhanced strategies

Our ESG Enhanced equity and fixed income strategies aim to mitigate negative environmental and social impacts. To achieve this, they exclude certain harmful sectors and business activities, such as tobacco and controversial weapons, while integrating ESG factors in the investment process.

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All of our impact and sustainable strategies comply with the M&G Investments Coal Policy.

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