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Our approach

Good governance and sustainable practices

We are long-term investors and believe that sustainability factors can have a material impact on long-term investment outcomes.

Responsible approach to stewardship and engagement

We use our influence responsibly, to support companies and encourage positive outcomes.

Integrating ESG factors into the investment process

We integrate ESG factors into our analysis to enhance investment decision-making.

Sustainable products and strategies

M&G Investments offers a diversified range of impact and sustainable investing strategies, with more than 300 investment professionals delivering solutions across both public and private assets.

Sustainable active ownership

As active investors, we believe successful businesses are supported by effective investor stewardship and corporate governance. We use our influence responsibly, steering investee companies towards more sustainable practices for value-creation and better outcomes for our clients.

Our purpose at M&G is to help people manage and grow their savings and investments, responsibly. We have a responsibility to operate with the right purpose, doing what is in the best interest of our clients, and having the right environmental and social impacts.

Andrea Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, M&G plc

Corporate sustainability at M&G plc

For more information about Corporate Sustainability at M&G, please visit this website.

Climate change

We’re committed to reaching net zero emissions for our own operations by 2030 at the latest, and net zero for our investment portfolio by 2050.

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Diversity and inclusion

We believe that creating an inclusive culture is critical to our success. Our diversity and inclusion strategy sets out how we aim to achieve this.

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Our social responsibility

We work with charities and NGOs on programmes that make a lasting difference to our communities in three areas: urban regeneration, economic empowerment, and skills and education.

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Sustainability report

The latest annual M&G Sustainability Report provides an update on the progress we have made towards our sustainability targets and ambitions.


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Partnerships and memberships

Source: M&G plc Sustainability Report 2021/22.

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