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Phasing out coal from investments

To help achieve our target of net zero carbon emissions across our investments by 2050 at the latest, M&G is phasing out all thermal coal – a major contributor to global warming – from our investments by 2030 in developed countries, and 2040 in emerging markets.

Innovation and impact at the core of new global private markets team

Over the next five years, M&G will commit £5 billion to sustainable private markets investments through a newly-created global team, Catalyst. 

M&G Investments Thermal Coal Investment Policy

The policy will seek to remove our direct exposure to companies involved in business related to thermal coal, by 2030 for investments in developed countries and by 2040 across the rest of the world. Read more:

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We recognise that, increasingly, customers and clients are looking to align their investments with their environmental and social values and have a range of Planet+ funds with the potential to help meet this need.

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