Life after the Academy

Becoming a partner of M&G Wealth Advice

Our support doesn’t stop once you’re qualified, you're able to choose whether you want to:

Start your own business


Join one of our existing firms


Whichever route you decided is best for you, we’ll provide all the support and guidance you need.

Ongoing support from us

A range of support teams

Supervision and development consultant

Regular online communication

Regular partnership development meetings

As a partner of M&G Wealth Advice, you’ll be able to offer restricted advice from the trusted Prudential and M&G Investment portfolios. You can also provide advice on annuities (whole of market) and protection (near whole of market). 

Holistic financial advice

You’ll help your clients make the right decisions on how to achieve their financial goals by providing advice on the following areas:

  • investment planning
  • retirement planning
  • estate and trust planning
  • intergenerational wealth management
  • protection needs
  • cash-flow forecasting
  • other need areas such as wills and mortgages (where we refer clients for advice through national introducer agreements
Building a business you can be proud of

We believe all our advisers should be business people, who give financial advice. And we understand starting a new business can be a challenge and that’s why we help you market, run and grow your business.

To create a successful business you’ll need clients. So, in addition to the continual business development support we provide you, we'll also provide you with client leads. Clients are at the core of your business, so the leads we provide you will help you to get your business up and running.

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