Website Security

The highest standards of security

We take our responsibility to protect your personal information and investment data very seriously. That's why we have put in place security measures to ensure you can use our website with confidence.

24-hour protection against attack

Our website is protected by firewalls, intrusion detection and Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) security measures that safeguard against malicious attack. We have 24-hour monitoring arrangements in place to support these measures and our control processes are subject to regular risk assessment and review to ensure they remain effective.

Encryption technology to safeguard sensitive data

We use strong encryption technology to ensure all sensitive data communications are protected until they reach our systems. This ensures any personal information passed over the internet cannot be read or changed by anyone else.

When you visit an encrypted area of this website, internet browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, will show you a website is secure by displaying a padlock symbol in the browser window. The letters ‘https’ will also be displayed in front of the website address (URL) in the browser's navigation bar. You can click on the padlock symbol to reveal our Registration Certificate which has been issued by Verisign, a leading certificate authority.

Protecting our brand integrity

We also use brand protection measures to monitor for sites on the internet that register and use similar URLs and content. We take appropriate steps to ensure the early detection and removal of malicious phishing sites.

Privacy and cookies

Find out more about cookies and how we maintain your privacy.

Verifying your identity

Find out more about how and why we need to verify your identity.

Fraud prevention and online safety

Find out more about the steps we take to prevent fraud.

Fraud alerts

View the latest alerts on known fraud activity.