MPP Investment Choices

Default investment option (if available)

If you’d rather not make you own investment choices this option could be for you. If your scheme offers a default investment fund, this may be a single fund or a lifestyle option.

Lifestyle option (if available)

This option is for members who want to take more or less risk than the default option. There are a range of lifestyles available which target a specific outcome as you get closer to taking your benefits.

Choose your funds

If you're comfortable choosing your own funds, you can choose up to ten from the risk rated funds available. This could be a good choice if you're happy being in charge of your investment and fully understand the risks involved.

As your pension is an investment, the value can go down as well as up and you might get back less than you put in.

It's up to you to decide which investment option is right for you. Watch our 'Understanding your investment options' video for more information. These options aren't a recommendation from Prudential. If you're still unsure, speak to a financial adviser.

To find out about your investment options, go online to find your Fund Guide which gives you more information about the funds available or contact your employer/scheme administrator. And if you want more details about a specific fund, have a look at the factsheet at 'Workplace Pension factsheets'.

Don't worry, you can change your investment choice any time in the future.

It's important to regularly review your workplace pension to make sure you're on track to achieve the lifestyle you want when you stop working.

To help you do this, each year we'll send you your Annual Benefit Statement. Your statement will show you many things including:

  •  how much money you have in your pension pot
  •  how your investments are doing
  • ·what you could get when you take your benefits

If you're not yet registered, you can do this now.