Your Pension

During your working life, it's important to consider your retirement and the ability to enjoy life when you reach retirement. Saving into your workplace pension could help you do just that.

You're already a member of your workplace pension. Your pension contributions can build up a pot of money to give you benefits in the future. The benefits you might get from your pension depend on things like:

  • the amount you pay in
  • how long you pay in for
  • the performance of the funds you invest in
  • the impact of charges, and
  • the choices you make when you decide to take your money.

You can change your contributions and fund choices to suit you. And when it comes to taking your money, you can choose how you take your benefits.

  • Tax efficient: your contributions are tax efficient, so they could cost you less than you think. Your tax savings could change depending on your circumstances. Tax rules can also change in future.
  • Flexible employee contributions: you can change your regular contributions whenever you want. You can even make one-off payments if you have spare cash one month.
  • Employer contributions: you could benefit from employer contributions too; the more you pay in, the more your employer may pay in. Please speak to your employer if you want to enquire about this.
  • Investment choice: you have a range of investment options to choose from when deciding where to invest your money. Like many investments, the value of your plan can go down as well as up and may even fall below the amount you invested – what you get back is not guaranteed.
  • Manage online: you can manage your workplace pension online to see how much money you have in your pot, how your investments are doing and what you could get when you take your benefits.
  • Access from 55: currently, from age 55, (57 from 6 April 2028, unless you have a protected pension age), you have the freedom and choice to decide how and when you take your pot although you may need to transfer to another pension for some of the choices available.

Your workplace pension comes from a trusted provider. Prudential is the pension provider chosen for you by your employer. Prudential has been helping people save money for over 170 years.


More information

Your contributions

One of the benefits of your pension scheme is that your contributions are flexible. You can contribute as much as you like into your pension, although the total amount of tax relief you get on your pension savings is limited. 

Investment choices

You may have a few options when it comes to investing your money.

Tax efficient

The money you save into your pension comes from your salary. There are different ways to make your contributions and they impact the tax savings you make.


Auto-enrolment is a UK Government initiative aimed at helping more people save for the future through a workplace pension.

Taking your money

Life isn't always as simple as we'd like it to be. Some things take us by surprise and those surprises can cost money. Your circumstances will change over time and so may the lifestyle you expect to have when you retire.

Salary sacrifice

This is an example of how salary sacrifice might work.

Non-salary sacrifice

This is an example of how non-salary sacrifice might work.