How NHS AVCs could help you

It’s important to plan for your future. You may need more money than you think when you retire as

  • your savings may not go as far in the future if inflation makes the price of goods and services go up
  • people are generally living longer and spending more time retired, so your savings will need to last you longer, and
  • your NHS pension scheme benefits might not be enough to fund the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement.

Not only are AVCs a smart way to save for your future, but they can give you options for how and when you retire. With AVCs you may be able to

  • retire early and spend more time enjoying the things you like while protecting the value of your NHS pension
  • reduce your hours or start working flexibly, using AVCs to supplement your salary, currently from age 55, and
  • retire on your planned retirement date, but potentially with more money.


More information

What is the NHS AVC?

An AVC plan is a separate pot of money you build up alongside your NHS pension, that aims to give you extra retirement benefits.


NHS AVC Tax Savings

One reason you might choose to save for your retirement with AVCs, alongside your main scheme pension, is the tax savings they offer.

Flexible paying in, flexible paying out

Life isn’t always as simple as we’d like it to be. Some things take us by surprise and those surprises can cost money, so flexibility is important when it comes to saving for the future.