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M&G Investments is a global asset manager and part of M&G plc. Through long-term, hands-on investment management, we build investment opportunities around what matters most to our customers, their charities and foundations. We look for the best opportunities to invest in, across a wide range of asset classes, while helping to make the world a little better along the way.

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A diversified portfolio of mainly UK-listed equities (company shares), designed to provide good long term income and total return.

Charity Multi Asset Fund

A globally diversified portfolio of different assets with a strong bias towards equities (company shares), designed to deliver good long-term income and total return.


An actively managed portfolio of UK Government Bonds (Gilts) and higher quality corporate bonds, designed to provide both income and total return.

Key updates

Change to our funds’ dilution policy

M&G Securities Limited will be amending its dilution policy effective 22 July 2024.

Annual Value Assessment 2023

Delivering value to our customers is a key aspect of our purpose at M&G. Our latest annual assessment of the value provided to investors in each of our UK-based funds is now available.

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