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With a significant level of experience, we are a prominent, highly regarded corporate trust company. The hallmarks of our approach are integrity, professionalism, breadth and depth of knowledge, and a personal touch in client service.

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  • Customised service to fit clients’ needs
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Our Trustee and Agency Services

M&G Trustee Company Limited (MTCL), formerly Prudential Trustee Company Limited (PTCL) was first established back in the 1920s as part of Prudential Assurance Company. In the 1980s PTCL was formally incorporated as a private limited company and became part of M&G Investments when Prudential acquired M&G in 1999. Following our demerger from the Prudential group in 2019, MTCL is now part of M&G plc.

The complexity and variety of debt structures today requires issuers, borrowers and investors to exercise particular care in the execution of transactions.

At MTCL, we specialise in executing Corporate Trust services with maximum efficiency and minimum risk. Although we have been established for over 100 years, our company has continued to evolve to cover a wide range of trustee and agency services.

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Bond/Note Trustee

Acting in both public and private debt transactions, as Bond/Note Trustee we represent the interests of the investors during the life of the transaction.

Security Agent/Trustee

As Security Agent/Trustee, we hold the security on behalf of the relevant beneficiaries (lenders/investors) across different assets and jurisdictions.

Escrow Agent

As Escrow Agent, we hold funds on behalf of two or more entities, to be released in accordance with the Escrow Agreement.

Facility Agent

In the highly demanding and fast paced lending environment, the Facility Agent acts as liaison between the lenders and the borrower in all aspects of the transaction.

Process Agent

A Process Agent may be required in cross-border transactions under English law, when one of the parties is located outside England, to receive notices and documents in connection with legal proceedings on behalf of the relevant party.

Specialty in Social Housing transactions

M&G Trustee Company Limited is a market leader of Trustee and Agency Services in the social housing market with over £100 billion worth of assets secured to us across more than 1.6 million properties.

Paying Agent Services

Our Paying Agent and Cash Management services cover a wide range of debt administration and payment services (outside the clearing systems).

Italian Capital Markets Services

M&G Trustee Company Limited provides a comprehensive range of Corporate Trust services, specializing in the Italian Capital Markets industry.

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