Bond/Note Trustee

Acting in both public and private debt transactions, as Bond/Note Trustee we represent the interests of the bondholder/investor during the life of the transaction, enforcing the terms of the bond where required and acting as a link between the investor and bond issuer.

Bond/Note Trustee Services

  • We act on behalf of the investors and provide effective and efficient communication of information between the bond issuer and investors.
  • Receiving compliance certificates/documentation from the bond issuer in accordance with underlying contractual requirement.
  • Reviewing waivers, amendments and approvals requests, ensuring a fast and efficient process, benefiting all parties.
  • Facilitating investors’ meetings and ensuring effective coordination of credit decisions.
  • Taking a proactive and commercial approach to ensure effective communication and implementation of investors’ decisions, in the event of covenant breaches.


“M&G Trustee Company are the trustees for our bonds. The team has taken time to understand our business, rather than remaining remote and they are approachable, efficient and pragmatic."

- Real Estate Investment Trust

“The tightly-knit, professional Trustee team works well together throughout the charging transactions that we deal with and ensure that from the point of instructing us to closing the transaction, they are on hand to provide us with all relevant documents, liaise with the Borrowers and give us clear and timely replies to our queries to ensure that we complete on time and within budget. We enjoy working with them as they bring years of experience to the table."

- Law Firm

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