Paying Agent Services

Our Paying Agent and Cash Management services cover a wide range of debt administration and payment services (outside the clearing systems).

Paying Agent and Cash Management Services

  • Management of multiple payments in different currencies (for example distribution of company sale proceeds under an M&A transaction to the respective company’s stockholders).
  • Calculation of payments due under the waterfall set out in the underlying documentation and distribution to the relevant payees.
  • Processing payments for the purchase of collateral assets, receiving sales proceeds, etc.
  • Management of the bank accounts.
  • Bank account reconciliations.
  • Reporting to the investors. 


“They provide a superb service. Over the past 18 months they have enabled us to administer millions of pounds in contract payments without a single issue. Their service allows us to protect our own payment surety and also provide payment surety to both National and International Sub-Contract partners."

- Construction company

“Since our initial interaction and subsequent appointment as our Escrow Agent the service we have received has been first-rate, we look forward to continuing our working relationship with the team."

- Escrow client

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Head of New Business

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Manager, Finance Loan and Escrow Services