Escrow Services

During commercial transactions, parties may require assets to be held by an independent third party while matters are finalised or disagreements resolved. As Escrow Agent, we hold funds on behalf of two or more entities, to be released in accordance with the Escrow Agreement.

We offer both individuals and institutional investors a wealth of experience across different sectors, having facilitated transactions such as the construction of hotels and student accommodation, installation of windfarms, litigation settlements, social housing, bridges, power stations, and recycling operations.

Highlights of our Escrow Agent Services

  • Able to offer competitive returns on amounts deposited in an instant access Sterling bank account, subject to market conditions.
  • Reducing legal costs through use of our standard Escrow Agreement.
  • Commitment to using highly-rated banks only
  • Ability to open escrow bank accounts in all major currencies quickly.
  • Fast and efficient KYC and onboarding.
  • Escrow services for pension schemes (prevents excess employer contributions from becoming locked into an overfunded pension scheme).


“M&G Trustee Company provides a superb service. Over the past 18 months they have enabled us to administer millions of pounds in contract payments without a single issue. Their service allows us to protect our own payment surety and also provide payment surety to both National and International Sub-Contract partners."

- Construction company

“Since our initial interaction with M&G Trustee Company and subsequent appointment as our Escrow Agent the service we have received has been first-rate, we look forward to continuing our working relationship with the team."

- Escrow client

“My clients needed to demonstrate secure funds for a two-year period. I found everyone that I dealt with at the M&G Trustee Company on this matter to be accessible, helpful and easy to deal with."

- Law firm

A typical escrow process

The escrow process can vary. We outline some of the key stages that a typical escrow process would follow (for example, in the real estate space).

Stage 1

Developer, Funder and Escrow Agent agree to a set of conditions to be set out in what is called ‘the Escrow Agreement’. These protect all parties and offer payment security (guarantee of payment)

Stage 2

Funder’s money is held in an independent account by M&G Trustee Company Limited (MTCL). Both Funder and developer are protected.

Stage 3

As each pre-agreed condition is reached, MTCL receives the required drawdown notice. Once verified, the funds are released.

Stage 4

Once the final conditions of agreement are met then the balance of funds are released and the agreement is terminated.

To find out more or enquire about our Escrow Agent services, contact us.

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