Italian Capital Markets Services


M&G Trustee Company Limited provides a comprehensive range of Corporate Trust services, specializing in the Italian Capital Markets industry.

Our dedicated team of Italian professionals offers a unique blend of knowledge and decades of experience in the securitization market. Our clients can rely on high standards of service by professionals who have an in-depth understanding of industry needs and regulations. Our team also possesses extensive exposure to a variety of complex transactions, overseeing all aspects of SPV formation and administration in structured finance, supporting various asset classes.

Furthermore, through leveraging M&G’s knowledge and expertise, we extend our offerings to the Italian Market with Agency and Trust Services. This includes roles such as Paying, Security, and Escrow Agent, Trustee for UK Law, and Representative of Noteholders (RoN) for Italian Law.

Contact the team

Angela Icolaro

Head of Italy

Mattia Manzi

Senior Relationship Manager