Cashflow driven investing

Our cashflow solutions offer pension scheme clients a pathway to matching liabilities through a wide range of physical assets that generate reliable cashflows. We utilise a broad mix of fixed income securities and assets towards ensuring pensioners’ payrolls are met, sponsors are protected, and a scheme is de-risked over time.

We offer solutions that evolve through the life of a scheme to efficiently match changing cashflow requirements. This allows us to put a scheme’s specific needs at the heart of the process, blending private, very secure assets that have the potential to offer high-quality cashflows with more liquid public debt.

We have a long heritage of cashflow investing, having run a combined £21bn of group annuity funds since 1999. This annuity investing approach, alongside our extensive experience of running outcome-orientated portfolios across both public and private assets, allows us to provide bespoke cashflow solutions.

Bespoke solutions for defined benefit pension schemes

For schemes who are unable or unwilling to approach the insurance market, we have developed a solution that utilises our expertise across both asset management and insurance to deliver schemes an investment-grade, cashflow-matched portfolio, which may come with a partial guarantee and share of upside. Essentially providing interest rate hedging and the offer of a guaranteed return but without any longevity hedging, whilst also being able to provide access to our depth of in-house credit expertise.

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