Our dynamic, global approach to investing is based on the belief that asset allocation is the primary driver of returns over the long term.

Identifying ‘episodes’

Whether seeking diversified growth, income, capital preservation or a more sustainable approach to investing, our goal is to help clients achieve an optimal asset allocation at any given point in time.

We apply behavioural finance theory to respond to market ‘episodes’ – periods when asset prices appear overly influenced by investors’ emotional behaviour rather than long-term fundamentals. Our team has consistently applied this approach for more than 20 years, combining in-depth research to determine the relative value of assets with analysis of investors’ emotional reactions to events to identify investment opportunities.

Access to our range of multi-asset solutions is available through pooled funds or bespoke mandates.

Related strategies

Episode macro

The most flexible of our multi-asset strategies, this growth-focused strategy is designed to invest across a wide range of global liquid markets to generate positive returns throughout market cycles.

Global target return

This absolute return strategy invests across liquid financial markets worldwide including listed equities, government bonds and credit, with a strong focus on minimising short-term drawdowns.

Episode allocation

This flexible asset allocation strategy is designed for clients looking for combined capital growth and income over the medium term.

Episode income

This strategy invests with the aim of generating a growing, steady level of income together with capital growth, with the aim of delivering attractive total returns through market cycles.

Sustainable multi-asset

By incorporating ESG and positive impact considerations in our approach to selecting investments, this flexible multi-asset strategy aims to generate sustainably achieved and attractive total returns over the long term.

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