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As an active manager with a strong insurance heritage, we are focused on developing long-term collaborative partnerships and building innovative solutions to help meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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Insurers are increasingly looking for a holistic approach that addresses their investment objectives within the confines of accounting, capital and regulatory requirements, leading to the design of bespoke solutions. Our Insurance Solutions team focusses on designing tailored, capital efficient investment strategies that meet the unique objectives and risk appetite of insurers. The experienced team of actuaries, CFA Charterholders and PhDs has a wide range of industry experience enabling us to develop balance sheet solutions and advise our clients on key areas such as strategic asset allocation, asset-liability management and portfolio construction. (*All data as at 31 March 2024. £160bn managed for M&G plc group’s internal insurer).

Insurance heritage

M&G Investments has strong insurance foundations having managed assets for M&G plc group’s internal insurer, Prudential, for over 30 years. Our internal insurer invests heavily in M&G strategies meaning we deploy our own capital in the same strategies that we offer to external insurers.

Credit analysis strength

Our investment approach is a fundamentally-driven, value based, bottom-up process that seeks to generate return through the credit risk premium. With credit being a pillar of investment returns for insurers, our proven track record in both public and private credit markets sets us apart as an asset manager for insurers.

Holistic offering

A wide range of asset classes and insurance experience throughout our investment teams allows us to offer strategies for all elements of an insurer’s balance sheet. These can vary from opportunistic buy and maintain to potentially higher yielding multi-asset credit or a range of private debt and equity strategies.

How we can help you


Over eight years of managing our internal Matching Adjustment portfolio means we have a wealth of industry expertise and tools to build and manage asset portfolios that closely match insurers’ liability cashflow profile.

Strategic asset

Capital market assumptions derived by our in-house investment office and insurance focussed optimisation techniques to assist insurers in setting and implementing their optimal medium and long-term strategic asset allocation.


Managing portfolios to client directed risk budgets, stress testing portfolios to economic and capital metrics to assess resilience and running peer analysis against competitors are all key offerings for our clients.


We offer a wealth of experience building solutions for Solvency II constrained insurers and have direct experience from the Bank of England on Solvency UK measures.

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