Cashflow driven investing

Our cashflow solutions offer pension scheme clients a pathway to matching liabilities through a wide range of physical assets that generate reliable, typically secured cashflows. We utilise a broad mix of fixed income securities and assets to ensure pensioners’ payrolls are met, sponsors are protected, and a scheme is de-risked over time.

Matching cashflows for positive outcomes

We offer solutions that evolve through the life of a scheme to efficiently match changing cashflow requirements. This allows us to put a scheme’s specific needs at the heart of the process, blending private, very secure assets that offer high-quality cashflows with more liquid public debt.

We have a long heritage of cashflow investing, having run a group £56bn annuity fund since 1999. This annuity investing approach, alongside our extensive experience of running outcome-orientated portfolios across both public and private assets, allows us to provide bespoke cashflow solutions.

How is COVID-19 impacting CDI strategies?

M&G participated in a roundtable discussion, hosted by Portfolio Institutional, to give our insights into how CDI is withstanding the COVID-19 test.

How do cashflow solutions work in practice?

This case study shares our recent work with a large UK defined benefit pension scheme to transition from significant swap exposure to a cashflow solution based on physical assets.

Tailor-made portfolios

In this paper, we look at why building your own annuity book involves being flexible and asset agnostic, what we have used as building blocks for cashflow matching solutions and the process of putting together such portfolios.

Tailor-made portfolios

We build tailor-made cashflow portfolios from a broad range of reliable, cashflow generating assets. These building blocks encompass forms of financing which are public, private, fixed, floating, index linked, secured, unsecured, junior, senior, asset-backed and so on. The common theme is a contracted cashflow.

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