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Creating a sustainable future

Our Planet+ range is comprised of funds we have categorised as ESG Enhanced, Sustainable and Impact.

As a minimum, all funds in the Planet+ range exclude companies:

  • involved in the controversial weapons industry
  • deemed to be in breach of the United Nations Global Compact Principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption
  • involved in unconventional oil and gas extraction (such as oil sands and Arctic drilling)
  • involved in tobacco (production and distribution)
  • involved in adult entertainment (production and those deriving revenue from that business)
  • providing gambling services

A fund’s investment manager may apply revenue thresholds when applying these exclusions, and may also grant exceptions against the exclusions. This is described in more detail in the fund documents.

The Planet+ funds also all comply with the M&G Investments Coal Policy.


Aim to invest in companies that deliver a measurable positive impact on the environment and/or society.


Will allocate to investments that are expected to have a positive contribution to environmental and/or social objectives.

ESG Enhanced funds

Seek to mitigate negative impacts on the environment and society.

Impact Investing

Discover how we’re helping to address society’s greatest challenges.

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