Changing your investment


There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, when it comes to reviewing your AVC pot. You can check which fund(s) you’re invested in online and decide if you want to change anything. Here's a reminder of the investment choices you have available.


(If available)                              

If you’d rather not make your own investment choices this option could be for you. If your scheme offers a default investment fund, this may be a single fund or a lifestyle option.

Lifestyle strategy

(if available)

A ready-made investment strategy managed by us, for you. There are different lifestyle options to choose from to suit your retirement plans, but all aim to protect the value of your investment from large fluctuations as you approach retirement.

Manage your own


If you’re comfortable choosing your own funds, you can choose up to 10 from the risk rated funds available. This could be a good choice if you’re happy being in charge of your investments and fully understand the risks involved.

You’ll find more information in your Fund Guide, in the 'Change your AVC contributions' section of this site. The options available to you are not recommendations by Prudential.

AVCs are investments and the value of your fund can go down as well as up, so you might get back less than you put in.


More information

Your AVCs

Your AVCs pot could provide you with extra in retirement.

Tax savings

Adding to your AVC pot could be easier than you think.

Flexible contributions

Change your contributions to suit your needs and circumstances.

Flexible ways to take your money

You have a number of options for taking your money.

Trusted provider partnership

Prudential is an appointed AVC provider to 72 of 99 Administering Authorities within the LGPS.