We've put together a checklist

It helps to plan well ahead, so we’ve put together a checklist of all the things you’ll need to think about now and in the future.

  • Check your staging date and ensure you're well prepared to begin automatic enrolment from that date.
  • Check if your current plan complies with the regulations (a 'qualifying pension plan'). If not, make the necessary changes or put in place an alternative plan. Remember that although, subject to our agreement, your existing plan may be used for qualification purposes, you'll still need to consider how you automatically enroll new eligible jobholders.
  • Have a contract in place with the relevant pension provider to pay the statutory contributions.
  • Identify current eligible jobholders who should be automatically enrolled, those who should be offered the option to join and others who should receive general information on the pensions you offer.
  • Decide how you'll carry out payroll, plan eligibility assessment and pension contribution calculations.
  • Consider how you'll manage the opt-out process.
  • Decide whether you plan to implement the three month deferral for automatically enrolling eligible jobholders - if so you'll need to notify all jobholders of your intentions.
  • Do you need to increase the contributions that you and / or your employees need to pay from April 2018 and April 2019 to meet the minimum contribution requirements?
  • Decide on the contribution level - will this be certified?
  • Decide whether contributions should be tiered for different groups.
  • Understand how the first month's contributions will be handled.
  • Make sure you’ve made the right financial provisions for a change in contributions.
  • Select an appropriate default arrangement for the plan, which is also compliant with the charge cap.
  • Introduce controls to ensure mandatory disclosure requirements are met, including communications with The Pensions Regulator.
  • Ensure your record-keeping processes can handle the demands.
  • Develop a robust communications plan.
  • Consider when your re-enrolment date will be. This will usually be 3 years from the initial staging date (with scope to move the date up to 3 months earlier/later).

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Automatic enrolment & qualifying workplace pensions

Every employer with at least one employee has a duty to automatically enrol their employees into a workplace pension scheme, and to pay contributions at least equal to minimum levels set by the Government in respect of these employees.

Would you like to use your Prudential plan for qualifying purposes?

If you would like your plan to qualify under the rules, we may be able to help you, but you will need to let us know six months before your staging date.

Jargon buster

Bite-sized explanations of terms used.


Understand your obligations

The Government has created an employer responsibility to automatically enrol eligible jobholders into a good pension plan, and to make contributions to it.

Prudential Corporate Pensions Trustee Limited (PCPTL)

To make sure we offer customers value for money, like all who offer workplace contract-based plans, we answer to an independent group called the PCPTL.

The basics

Answers to common questions about automatic enrolment.

Things to think about

The rules are now in place and there are a number of issues you will need to consider to practically implement the regulations.

Better Workplace Pensions - we're here to help

On the 6th April 2015, the Government introduced additional requirements for workplace pensions.

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