Our commitment to service for all our customers


Achieving good outcomes for our clients is at the heart of everything we do – which means providing the right support, at the right time, consistently. We do this by assessing & reviewing the quality of our processes & motivating our people to deliver the best service we can. Going the extra mile is what we strive for. And at times when things do go wrong, we will listen, learn, and do what we can to put it right, quickly.

 Heather Curtis, Service Director

Customer Support & Understanding

In addition to the value assessment work and as part of the customer support and understanding outcome focus, the Customer Insights (CI) team have been working across the business to formulate research studies to test against Consumer Duty requirements.

The result of the initial research while mainly positive, has highlighted priority areas where improvements can be made. The CI team will continue working with independent testing agencies who’ve been providing Consumer Duty guidance for some time.


Delivering customer value and improving customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our ongoing customer support and understanding assessment, we will undertake reviews of our key journeys and communications. We aim to ensure our customers do not face unreasonable barriers (including unreasonable additional costs such as delays, distress, or inconvenience).

The assessment result is positive, and no material concerns were raised.

Activity % completed Time to complete
Money In 90% 3 days
Money out 90% 2 days
Email 90% 3 days
Telephony 90% 2 minutes & 30 seconds

Important notes

The above figures represent processing times, met on average, across the most recent 12-month period, and can be subject to variation. For any processes that fall out-with the average timescales, we will endeavour to resolve & complete as soon as possible.

Money in

Contributions received by electronic means with all supporting requirements.

Money out

Following receipt of any relevant forms and settlement of all funds being used to finance the payment.


We understand that taking care of the necessary formalities while mourning a loss can make even the smallest tasks seem overwhelming and difficult. Time is one of the factors to be considered when completing a claim, however our dedicated Bereavement Team are also there to provide empathy, compassion, and care when handling cases during what is a difficult but extremely important time.