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Planning good outcomes in retirement means meeting different needs for different clients.

Our broad investment choice, investment strategy options and digitised processes mean you can deliver the right retirement plan for your clients, in a way that's efficient for you and your business. 

Illustrate and Apply

Our Illustrate and Apply functionality seamlessly integrates our SIPP Illustration tool with our SIPP application tool.

Instead of keying information multiple times, in most cases you'll now key in just once to create an illustraton that contains both the Key Features Illustration and the MiFID Costs and Charges. The illustration is available to you online and is attached to the application your client receives through Docusign.

So when your client is ready to go ahead, they'll have everything they need, making the process smoother and more efficient. 

Here's how...

Investment range

Include any of the 9,000+ assets available to new business customers. So every illustration can be completely client-specific. 

Model portfolios

Simply click on your chosen model portfolio and the illustration will be populated with all the underlying assets instantly. 

Integrated regulatory illustration

Intgrate both COBs and MiFID disclosures in one simple new style colour illustration - improving your client's experience and reducing the amount of documentation they receive. 

Our platform is better than ever

More flexibility

Our new fully digital SIPP includes automated drip-feed drawdown, monthly or yearly. And for regular pension income, you can choose any payment date between 1st and 28th, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

Faster applications

Our Illustrate and Apply tool means in most cases there's no need to rekey. And straight through processing means the application is quicker and you can track progress in real time, as well as receive automated status updates.

Less paperwork

Apart from in a few instances, our new business application is all done directly online so you have absolutely no paperwork. And with DocuSign, nor does your client. It all helps towards reducing environmental impact.

New fund options

We’ve added to the wide choice of funds available on the platform in the last year, with 6 new DFMs with 72 MPS solutions, 26 new fund managers and the inclusion of insured funds.

Faster transfers

We’ve waved goodbye to manual processing of transfer requests and rolled out synchronised transfer data capture, meaning transfers can proceed up to five days faster.

Better client experience

Bright and simple illustrations, online customer signature through our integrated DocuSign facility plus more choice and certainty on income payments.

It's easy to do business with us

Build your clients’ trust and your business by creating the right retirement for them without any extra workload or complexity. 

From seamless straight through processing, to our new fully digital SIPP, you have everything you need to add even more value to your business, and enhance your clients’ experience

A reminder of our digital SIPP

Watch our video to find out more about the digital SIPP new business journey

Retirement investment strategy

Supporting you to provide a bespoke solution to your clients. Whether pre, at or in retirement, we have the platform flexibility to help you deliver the right solution, the way you want to.

Intergenerational wealth cost benefits

Family groups allow our Annual Platform Charges to be based on the value of the consolidated client portfolios as well as providing consolidated reports for better oversight and planning. Charges are applied proportionately for each family member. Underpinned by known costs and no hidden surprises.

Building your retirement proposition and delivering a sustainable income for your clients

Retirement Content

We regularly get industry experts and our own technical teams to write on retirement. Regulatory changes, new approaches, building propositions and working with clients’ pre, at and post retirement.

2022 CRP Report

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