Watch: Richmond Wealth's Chris Bryans on what it's like working with us

4 min read 27 Jul 21

Building a collaborative, long-term, relationship

What’s it like working with our Business Development Managers? We spoke to adviser Chris Bryans, Senior Partner from Richmond Wealth, to find out…

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The thing that makes a real difference to us

I think the best thing for us about working with the platform is having a point of contact. Having someone that we can reach out to, when we have a particular issue or something needs to be clarified. We are very comfortable in dealing with online servicing and making requests ourselves. But sometimes we need help, sometimes we need to reach out to clarify something. And having a point of contact, having someone who will pick up the phone or answer an email immediately is the thing that makes the real difference for us - knowing that there's someone out there who will help us and respond immediately when we need it.

A collaborative relationship

One of the things we notice is that it's very much a collaborative relationship. We've been using the platform for quite some time and it has been up and down over the years but what we notice most is that there's this investment in people and staff as well as in technology. And we see it very much as a two way relationship, something that works for the platform and also works for us. We find that supporting each other, so doing things online where we can and then being able to reach out to a person when we need some guidance or some help - knowing that person is available and will respond to us, we find that extremely helpful.

Investing in people as well as technology

The long term nature of our relationship with the platform is something that stands out for us. We've been using the platform for a very long time, and getting our understanding of the way it works, dealing with people on an ongoing basis and knowing that it's a two way relationship, is something that's very important. There have been so many changes in the platform world - so many changes of ownership. And other firms just don't invest in people, as well as technology, in the way that this platform does.

Respond and reassure customers

I think with the amount of fraud, and online scams that are around at the moment, everyone's nervous online - nervous about dealing with their finances online. One of the things that we often find is that when there's a communication from a platform to a client, they perhaps get an email, they're immediately nervous about clicking any links and they'll contact us to verify it's a genuine email. And in those circumstances, being able to pick up the phone, or drop a quick email to the platform and verify that this is a genuine email, and being able then to immediately reassure the client - that's a real point of difference for us. Most other platforms don't provide that level of service and being able to immediately respond to our customers and reassure them really stands out for us.

Chain of ownership

The way the team at the platform take ownership is another thing that's really important for us. There's a real chain so that if we immediately contact our BDM or there's an issue and they can't help immediately, then we know that they'll pass it to someone who will also take ownership. They'll pass it on someone who will acknowledge that they are dealing with a specific query and we know that it's being dealt with and that chain of ownership is something again, that's very, very important for us and our customers.

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