Welcome to the M&G Wealth Platform website

2 min read 22 Nov 21

M&G Wealth was launched in September 2020 by the joining together of the Ascentric platform, Prudential Financial Planning and The Advice Partnership, to create an innovative wealth proposition.

Since the launch last year, we’ve been continuously integrating into M&G plc as we start to work closer together as a group. We’ve also been developing the new M&G Wealth brand and we’ll be rolling out this new look and feel over the coming months.

From 22 November 2021 the Ascentric website design has been updated with the new M&G Wealth brand. And we’ve also updated our marketing emails and social media channels.

Who are M&G Wealth?

M&G Wealth was purpose built to disrupt the world of wealth management. Founded on the values of transparency and making a positive impact in the world, we want to level the playing field, closing the advice gap to help advisers and their clients reach their goals, whatever their circumstances. 

To find out more about M&G Wealth, head over to the new website.

Delivering sustainability by design

When people talk about rebranding their website, they usually just mean applying their brand colours and design. When we were thinking about creating the new website and other online channels, we wanted to go much further than that. 

Given that sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of M&G Wealth’s brand values, they had to be our first priority when creating our digital experiences.

Smart design, less carbon

The carbon impact of our online lives is routinely overlooked. But the internet and the technology that supports it generates 3.8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – about the same of the aviation industry.

The good news is that, with smart design, this can be radically reduced. How have we done that with our website? We’ve focused on the principle that sustainable design is simply about good design. We’re aiming to reduce the energy and data our website uses to the bare minimum. So, for example, our website and platforms (as well as some bulk emails) will use ‘dark mode’ where light text is reversed out of a dark background. On modern smartphones and laptops, this can consume a staggering 60% less energy than the traditional light mode.

If you want to know more about the thinking behind the design, you can read the full article here.

What does the rebrand mean for me and my clients?

You won’t need to do anything differently and you’ll continue to work with us, and contact us, in the same ways that you always do. There are also no changes to the way we look after your clients' money.

What’s next

We’ll roll out the final phase of the rebrand next year, when the platform and literature will be rebranded to M&G Wealth. At that point we’ll make a change to the registered address details and we’ll contact you and your clients to make them aware of this. But once again, there’s nothing you’ll need to do, and this will be just for awareness.

In the meantime though you may want to discuss these brand changes with your clients, and reassure them that nothing has changed, we just look a bit different.