Paraplanners Assembly 2021 - CSI: Paraplanners

3 min read 30 Jun 21

This event was run in conjunction with the Paraplanners Assembly while the M&G Wealth Platform was known as the Ascentric Platform.

For the second year, we’re working with the Paraplanners Assembly to create this series of interactive online events, helping you to navigate the hot topics affecting the world of paraplanning.

We believe you’re the backbone of financial planning. You’ve got an amazing level of technical knowledge and we want to support you in the ever changing financial landscape.

And better still – all the sessions are CPD accredited!

Introducing CSI: Paraplanners

In the second of this year’s Assemblies we introduced a new format we named Case Study Investigations or, wait for it, CSI: Paraplanners for short. We’ll use this format from time to time to crack detailed technical paraplanner case studies.

Ahead of the day, a team of investigators made up of paraplanners and an expert met to dissect and discuss a case study to show:

  • How they would approach a particular problem
  • The technical solutions they come up with
  • The workings - their thinking, the clues they look for along the way, what they weigh up and what supporting information they seek

What was under the magnifying glass this time around?

The Assembly’s crack team came together to investigate divorce:

  • Where to start with divorce cases
  • The options for dealing with pensions
  • Dealing with other assets
  • Working out a suitable solution for both parties
  • What other financial actions should be looked at

Then it was time to leave no stone unturned as we invited the paraplanner audience to put on their own detective hats by becoming part of the investigation team.

Ahead of the day, they had the opportunity to get clued up on the case study. Then live on the day, whilst seeing how the CSI team solved the case study, the audience watched as our chief investigator, Richard Allum and Assembly regular Les Cameron summarised the investigation, asked questions and shared how they’d delve into the details. All this with the aim of solving the case (study) through the collective power of the paraplanner attendees.

Crack the case and get 1 hour of CPD with the following objectives:

  • Understand the options for dealing with pensions in divorce
  • Understand what to consider with other assets 

Take the CPD

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