Continuing to invest for you and your clients

4 min read 12 Dec 22

In April I set out our ambition to take the M&G Wealth Platform from good to great.

Building on the foundations of our open architecture proposition, a completed re-platforming project, and ongoing investment in great people, our programme included a revamped service model and a commitment to digitisation, automation, and integration.

All focussed on your needs, based on your feedback, designed to improve your experience and accelerate great client outcomes.

As we approach the end of the year, and on the back of our Five Star win in the Platforms category at the 2022 Financial Service Awards, I am delighted to share a progress report.

Being easy to do business with

For you and your clients, we know that every interaction you have with us must be straightforward.

Applications need to be easy to start, save and track; payment dates should be flexible; transfers should be rapid; the use of paper should only be necessary in a few instances (such as if a client prefers it).

Our work over the last six months means all the above will come as standard with the M&G Wealth Platform.

A new digital SIPP includes drip-feed drawdown with broad flexibility around payment dates (between 1st and 28th of the month). The application is done entirely online, and clients can use DocuSign to confirm acceptance. Plus, our integration with Salesforce means you can track case progress in real time.

We have also revamped our platform look and feel to make navigation easy and client account management simple. Another incoming development will be our  digital improvements which will allow our platform to plug into back-office software systems.

The people behind the platform

For all these enhancements we know it remains extremely important to you to have knowledgeable, experienced people available to help you if you need it.

That is why we have invested in our support teams. We have quadrupled the size of our Platform Adoption Team, who are on hand to provide any training or specialist support at any time. We also have one of the biggest networks of BDMs in the country.

Always changing for the better

In an industry first, we added PruFund Planet to the platform. In uncertain times and ongoing market volatility, we know that client reassurance is key and having options is important.

As well as the wide-ranging platform improvements outlined here, we are also committing to making smaller, more frequent enhancements, so you will feel the benefit of using the platform more often. This ‘incremental’ approach has the additional benefit of reducing the need for adviser training and support, as each enhancement is designed to be swift and intuitive.

We have also been early adopters of microservices. This approach allows us to select best-of-breed tools or applications from across the market and seamlessly integrate them with our platform. It helps us keep pace with innovations and trends in financial services, and you to continue serving your clients in the most effective way possible.

Looking to the future

Our investment programme continues into 2023 and beyond. 

I’ve already mentioned our digital improvements, and soon we’ll be able to share a new capital gains and loss tool which we believe will be immensely helpful to you and your clients. It will represent our first use of microservices and we’re very excited to tell you more about it when the time comes.

In closing

We've been listening to your feedback as we make changes within our business and we're confident that you'll notice a difference. As always, we appreciate your support and partnership.