Sustainability Report 2021/2022

2 min read 7 Jul 22

M&G’s second annual Sustainability Report is now available, providing an update on the progress we’ve made on our 10 point sustainability plan.

We want to help people manage and grow their savings so they can live the life they want while making the world a little better along the way.

John Foley, Chief Executive M&G plc:

“As you’ll read in our second Sustainability Report, I feel remarkable progress has already been made thanks to the enthusiasm of our people and the support of our many stakeholders; enabling us as a business to embrace this positive change.”  


Download the report and you’ll find an outline of how we’ll achieve our sustainability ambitions and targets. Including developing our pathway to net zero 2050, integrating ESG into our investments and aligning our people behind our sustainability ambition.  You can read about our approach to sustainability, why it matters and our plans to finance a more sustainable world. 

Our 10 point sustainability plan

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Sustainability Report 2021/2022


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