Paraplanners Assembly 2022 events

In 2022 we continue to support the Assembly on their mission to help Paraplanners to ‘learn, fix and share’, bringing together experts in sessions covering tax, intergenerational wealth and more.

Paraplanners Assembly 2022 – Financial planning essentials for small businesses

30 November 2022

Whether you already have experience in this area or are new to it we’re confident that this Assembly will be right up your street. Over the course of an hour, we cover:

  • how corporation tax works
  • what the changes mean and how will they work
  • corporate investments for surplus profits
  • profit extraction and remuneration strategies

Paraplanners Assembly 2022 – CRPs and the Consumer Duty effect

12 October 2022

We were delighted that Heather Hopkins from NextWealth joined us for our fourth online Assembly of 2022.

  • Emerging trends in CRPs,
  • The effect consumer duty is having on propositions
  • Is secure income making a comeback?
  • Insights into client perspectives on the information that advice professionals provide to them. 

Paraplanners Assembly 2022 – The order of tax

27 July 2022

In our third Assembly we focused on the order in which income tax is applied to different sources.  

Hosted by our Head of Technical Les Cameron we covered:

  • The 7 steps of a UK Income Tax calculation
  • Allowable deductions
  • Adjusted net income
  • 72% marginal tax rate
  • Allowances
  • Beneficial ordering
  • Tax reducers

Paraplanners Assembly 2022 – IHT & Trusts 2

18 May 2022


The learning objectives for this session were:

  • Understanding the key building blocks of an IHT strategy
  • Planning considerations when using standard insurance company trusts
  • Explaining the operation of standard insurance company trusts

Paraplanners Assembly 2022 - Trusts 1

16 March 2022


We kicked off this year’s Assemblies with the first of a two part series on Trusts.  Les Cameron, M&G Wealth’s Head of Technical took the Assembly through how to read a trust deed – exploring the information and key points that paraplanners should look out for including:

  • Why are you reading the deed
  • What kind of trust is it
  • Who is involved
  • Who is entitled to what and
  • Trustees’ investment responsibilities