Paraplanners Assembly 2023 events

In 2023 we continue to support the Assembly, bringing together experts in sessions covering topics such as the LTA, tax wrappers and dividends

The life and times of the lifetime allowance

19 October 2023

Watch Richard Allum of the Paraplanners Assembly and ever-popular Assembly regular, Les Cameron of M&G Wealth, to explore the question ‘What’s going on with the lifetime allowance?’

Investing for businesses (these days)

16 August 2023

Popular Assembly regular, Les Cameron of M&G Wealth, joined the Paraplanners Assembly in something of a follow-up to last November’s online Assembly on financial planning essentials for small businesses.

Do tax wrappers go to heaven?

14 June 2023

Kicking the bucket. Popping your clogs. Pushing up the daisies. No matter how much we tiptoe around saying it, we can’t ignore the fact that two things are inevitable in life: death; andan online Assembly about what happens to tax wrappers when you die.

What did the Budget mean for lifetime and annual allowances?

19 April 2023

Over the course of a lunch hour our audience quiz Les on what the Budget means for paraplanners, financial planners and clients.

CGT and dividend allowance changes

22 Feb 2023

Big reductions in allowances for capital gains tax and dividends announced in last November’s autumn statement invite the question: should we be re-thinking how we use investment bonds and GIAs?